Sunday, February 18, 2007

Upcoming Races

Well, there are a whole bunch of races coming up. This year I'm looking at three series.

  1. Nebraska Psycowpath NORBA series
  2. MO/KS Heartland Series
  3. MO/KS Midwest Fat tire Series

Some dates seem to be conflicting with personal comittments for me, but I should be able to get between 7 and 10 races under my belt this year.

I think I'm in a wedding the weekend of the Kanza, so probably won't make that one. Plenty of other races available this year though. Between the three series, I'm pretty sure you could do at least 2 races per weekend from April through September if you wanted.

Noted that there are no races in St. Joseph this year. Seems like a bit of a shame, since we have several great trails here - and a whole bunch of guys willing to do trail work.

If there are interested parties, I bet we could get on the Nebraska Series in place of the Indian Caves race that was deleted from this year's schedule. We know Krug is a great race course, and Corby would be an excellent venue too - although the start/finish would be difficult to set up safely with the parkway running right there.


Spencer said...

I signed up for Trans-Iowa in April. If anyone is interested in doing some long gravel road rides, please let me know.

I will also be doing the brevet ride series out of KC (on the road) but anticipate that I will be spending most of my time on hilly gravel roads to get ready for Trans-Iowa (300 miles and from what I hear, a 4% finish rate, or a 96% DNF rate).

Spencer said...

What type of training are you guys doing these days?

Tenacious Tortoise said...

My goal for few months now has been to peak for this Sunday's race.

So After the first of year and up until I got sick couple weeks ago I was laying down the hammer doing Chris Carmichael's Interval Training sessions... both the MTB & Time Trial videos. Which basically consist of riding bike on trainer and riding beyond your anarobic threshold for certain time and then backing off slightly and then hitting again... and so on.

For basically being only a weekend warrior... riding on average only 2 days a week... this has been the best thing I've found for maximizing general endurance & also cadence... highly recommend these videos.

Spencer said...

I am not into inside cycling. When you head out, let me know, I would be glad to ride along.