Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rides this weekend

I am going to get out for a bit at 10:30 this morning. Might give Krug a try on the new On-One frame. It is a whooping 30 lbs built, but I bet I won't break this one.

I would like to ride Sunday too. What time is everyone rolling? Maybe 10:00?



jspell said...

Did you ride Krug? How were the trails? I rode Corby and the "new" trails in the afternoon. Tough going on the new trails, and the old trails were icy. Where are you going to ride today?

lansenm said...

I hiked the new and old sections of Corby. Saw your tire tracks. The new section is going to be awesome.

Also ran into Randy and Dave. They were riding and said conditions were great. Walking was difficult, so I was suprised that they said riding was good.

Can't wait till this icy crap is gone!