Sunday, September 30, 2007

4-trails & a game

Hit Krug and Sunbridge with Rusty today. Pretty eventful ride. We both accidentally ran over a copperhead, one of Missouri's 5 venomous snakes. It was a really cool looking snake. We didn't kill it (that we know of anyway). Felt bad for hitting it, but just didn't see it in time. We also found some ruins on one of the Lower Sunbridge trails that neither of us had been on before. Pretty cool stuff.

At Krug we found a box turtle and stopped to play around with him for a few minutes. I am not in very good shape right now, so all these breaks were a welcome distraction from pushing that single speed up the hills.

Also said good-bye to a dear friend on this ride. While we were hacking a tree out from across a Krug trail, my trusty saw blade broke in two. This thing has cut down, out, and through countless trees and brush to clear new and old trails alike. It will be missed. Even so, crippled and bent we finished the job together and pressed on.

After leaving Rusty at Krug I hit the Girl Scout camp trails and Corby North on the way home. After doing Corby North backwards, I didn't have much more juice, so I headed for home.

Later I hit the second to last Royals home game of the season. Love the Royals, can't wait till games start again next year. There is nothing like sitting in the stands with a beer and a hotdog just taking it all in.

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