Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend Activities

Went to a Husker football game on Saturday. NE stomped Nevada, it was sad toward the end. Started out the day with Elkcreek Waters (a drink) at Sandy's (a bar in Lincoln). A neighboring table gave us their pitcher of pink drink (I think it was a porch crawler). Whatever it was, I gathered all my manhood together and drank that pink frilly drink with pinkies out; like a real man should.

On Sunday Rusty and I rode the full Corby loop (N&S), the Girl Scout Camp (4 times), and the Krug race loop, including most of the bridge trail. We cut a lot of trees off the trail, but all in all Krug was in pretty good shape.
We saw lots of cool stuff that we hadn't run across before. Ran across a big blacksnake, must have been at least 4' long. Also explored the cemetary behind the park, there's some old stones in that place. Finally, we checked out the maintence area. There is a lot of good bridge building material in storage (or disposal) there. I will give the parks contact guy a call in the next couple weeks to see what we can have.
Also, the mushrooms are back. There are "fairy rings" all over the place, and some of the shrooms are huge. Here was one of the average ones - about the size of my helmet.

On Monday I took a couple hours with the dogs and went out to get some bridge repair going. All bridges on the Bridge Trail are open and passable; except the one by the waterfall, which someone has moved down stream of the waterfall. I think it was punk kids, which I would really like to catch in the act of destroying stuff.

The bridges I fixed are no where near as good as the bridges that were there before, but it was all I could do by myself. This fall, lets get a group together and fix them right. For now, this should do though. I apologize for one of the bridges. There is no way it can or should be ridden at the moment, but it is better to walk the bridge than ford the stream.

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rustbucket said...

The Sunday ride was lots-o-fun. Didn't even mind all the tasty spiders and so far have no signs of any itchy rashes....

BTW...Lansen did you find out if we can eat those shrooms?