Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wisdom from Albert Einstein:
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

Seems like this is a line of thinking I need to consider daily.

Been riding sporadically, but even still this is my favorite time of year to ride. Seems like there is so much more to see than at any other time. Ran into lots of different folks that I didn't know out riding tonight. Ran into 2 separate, unconnected groups of mtb riders in the corby south trails. Said hi, briefly conversed, but I needed to get home so pretty much did the anti-social thing and kept trucking. Also saw a number of hikers in the trails. It is good to see them being used. The only bad part is none of them knew where they were going because most of the arrows have now been ripped down. Too bad, I bet it has been more work ripping them down than it was for me to post them. I guess I don't give a rip, I know my way through the trails, just too bad for everyone that doesn't.

Ever feel like this guy? Ran into him at Krug.

This little dude hitched a ride with me for the better part of a day - nestled right there in my hair. That's right, I have spiders in my hair.

Well - just sort of kicking around doing a cyclo-cross race or two. Don't know for sure, can't really decide.... Details for the Nebraska series below. It's a lot of fun for sure.

info on the NE cyclo-cross series - if you haven't tried it, you should

2007 Nebraska Cyclo-cross Series

Omaha Weekend - Swanson Park
Saturday & Sunday, October 20-21

Lincoln Weekend - Pioneers Park
Saturday & Sunday, November 17-18*
(*Nebraska Cyclo-cross State Championship)

Complete details for both weekends of racing will be posted by October 1 on


aaron said...

For us newbies, what is cyclo-cross biking? Been riding when I can..rode the whole berryman trail w/ my brother last weekend...was a great ride although it gassed me good!

jspell said...

Bikes, Bikes, and more Bikes!!
I spent the morning in Boulder, Colorado and I saw more bikes on the sidewalk in 2 blocks than I see in Saint Joe in a month! Drove to Larmie, Wyoming this afternoon and guess what? Bikes, bikes and more bikes. Stopped at a couple of bike shops just to make myself feel really bad for not bringing my bike! Hope that next summer I can come back and ride. Lansen, I can understand why you liked the Larmie enduro so much! Hope to see you guys on the trails soon!

lansenm said...

Well Aaron,,, Cyclo-cross originated as a way for European roadies to cross train and maintain fitness in the winter off season. I believe it has been around since the 80s in some form or fashion. In the last 10 years though, it has taken off and become a cult cycling sub-culture. It is really the one place where the road, mountain, and cyclo-cross specific riders will converge for a race.

The races typically occur in a city park, or somewhere with large open spaces. The course is anywhere from 3/4 mile to 1.5 mile with a start finish. Races are 30, 45, 60, or 75 minutes depending on your racing category. Fields can be anywhere from 3 - 100 people.

The course is usually a mixture of single track, grassy tape-line switchbacks, steep run-ups, off-bike barrier hurdles, and short road sections.

The bikes look a lot like a road bike with drop bars and 700c wheels, but the tires are knobby and the frames have more clearance.

It is definitely its own culture. Crowds are usually pretty good, and pretty rowdy.