Friday, December 7, 2007

Hey where did everyone go?

I mention trail work freezing temp and rain and there is no one on here blogging. I hope I didn't scare everyone off. Seriously we are going out to do trail work tomorrow morning. Lancen, Dave, Jason and myself plan to be there for chain saw work. Randy is deathly ill and won't be there ( like phumonia is an excuse). Remember More people building trail=more trail=more riding


lansenm said...

I'll be there again. We must be crazy.

jdoug_jt said...

I will do my best, I have a litte girls basketball game in the am..

Be there as soon as I can..

Snow sucks, I want to ride.. Wed I found out how much cardio I have lost.. Not good... Not good at all..


lansenm said...

Went CC Skiing this AM. Love it - would even trade biking for it if I could. Might check into if if you ever want a cross training sport for winter.

Got my set up for under $200 a few years ago, that was boots, skis, poles, bindings.

jdoug_jt said...

That sounds interesting.. I need something to keep my cardio up, and I hate treadmills..
I am blessed with the attention span of a goldfish..

Where did you go?

lansenm said...

Corby North.

Need more snow to really make it worthwhile.

Back when we used to get snow for real in Lincoln, after a few inches hit the ground I'd disappear into the trails for as long as possible. Work, home, who needs it when there's snow on the ground. Would re-emerge with blisters so bad on my feet and hands that I could barely function for a week after the snow melted. Ahhh good times. Maybe we'll get some snow this winter.

jspell said...

I think we should ride, wait til its nasty to do trail work! OK, OK, what time are going to start working??

lansenm said...

Dave and I will be out there about 8:30. Probably only stay till about noon. Still hurting a little from last weekend!

Tenacious Tortoise said...

There is always a way to MTB if ya really want to... regardless of the weather. So save over $100 and get yourself a pair of good studded tires ILO an entire skying setup. Wish I had those back in the day when I rode all through the year up in the Black Hills of South Dakota!