Sunday, December 16, 2007


Scouted some of the trails yesterday. Parked at corby south with the dogs, then skied up to the north side. Found the trails completely impassible by ski or bike. Then skied up the parkway to the Girlscout camp and checked out those trails. They are in pretty bad shape too, but don't seem to be as bad as corby. Didn't check on Krug. Skied back to corby south and started hiking them with a saw. Seemed like pretty easy going until I ran into Aaron and found out he had been cutting ahead of me. We worked together for a little while. Progress on clearing the trails is moderate, but there is a huge amount of down branches, limbs and trees. We didn't see any huge trees across the trail, but then again we only made it to the fire pit.

I'll be at corby south this afternoon some time with a hand saw. It's going take a lot of hours to get the trails rideable again.

Kind of a bummer this year for the trails. Between the floods this last spring and the ice storm this winter they have certainly taken their lumps. The good thing about this storm is that just about every branch and tree that could have come down in the next 5 years... did. So I guess that means once it's all clear again we don't have to maintain again for another 5 years. Heee Hee He, just joking - I'm just being delusional.

Hope all you folks have your power back by now. What a turd of a week for some folks here in St. Joe. I feel guilty to say I was one of the lucky ones this week.

Here's a picture of the bridge entrance to Corby North. Behind that tree leaning over the trail is just more of the same....


jdoug_jt said...

How did It go?

broken neck boB said...

Checked the trails out too - as stated - impassable! I bought a couple of chains for the saw.

Only rideable trail is out at the college

lansenm said...

didn't make it out on sunday. felt like butt, sinus infection or something.

planning to do some cutting tuesday night after work. sounds a little weird, i know, but gotta get out on tuesday nights!