Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Trail Work - Krug

Would anyone be available to put in some trail work time at Krug on New Years morning?
I plan to be up there at 8 am. We will be clearing some new short sections of tie in trail just below the area where the haunted forest takes place (Tom Bennett trails) and possibly a few short sections of trail to tie in the old tree house trail. Also plan to take out the bridge planks at the bottom of the tree house trail and move them to the new location where this trail is being re-routed to.
Great way to start off the new year and as many of you have said, now is the time to be doing this work.


Anonymous said...

The Crookster and myself will be there...providing the New Years eve festivities don't prove overwhelming! Oh well, running power equipment hungover is always good for a laugh! The I-only-drink-on-new-years-eve hippie

Anonymous said...

Hey if you guys are looking for an easy ride [sorry on roads] and a break in your trail work the Bike Club is having a New Year's Day short ride at 10:00 at the YMCA. Sorry this is coming after your planned trails work.

Glad to have you attend but pretty tame ride compared to what you guys ride.

Bob Fitzpatrick

choppe said...

Bob... Thanks for the invite but you're killing me here. All alot of these guys need is an excuse not to do trail work... and your giving them one!!!
Actually, I have a better idea. Why not cancel the road ride and have everyone come up to Krug and get their hands dirty. You're all invited!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I won't be able to make it. I already have a trailrun scheduled at Wallace State Park in the morning. It's a fun run and not a race with 6-mile loop(s) up to a 50K. How many loops I'll do will be directly relational to the number of drinks I have tonite.
Count me in on the next work day.


JDOUG said...

I am out beeoches.. I have to be in harrisonville... Sorry...

David C said...

Craig, I will be there tomorrow. Randy can enjoy the alcohol, I prefer to stick with large amounts of caffeine.

choppe said...

What a great turn out for such late notice!!!
A big thanks to Ed, Jim, David and Randy. In all we had five guys and four chainsaws which made quick work out of what I'm sure was the thickest brush to get through... The Tom Bennett trails.
We completed the rough cutting of the re-routes of this section and the new tie in sections of the treehouse trail. We were able to find a decent location to cross the creek which enabled us to use more of the trails in that area.
We made some really good progress today and all of your help is very much appreciated.
Happy New Year to everyone!!!