Sunday, December 28, 2008

Patient Anticipation

before the sunrise, when the first light breaks over the horizon and twilight begins to bring the scenery back to light.... the cold is deep in us. too cold to shake off, and all we want and need are those warm rays of light to stir us back to life.

but it doesn't matter how cold we are. it doesn't matter how much we want that sun sent warmth. and we can only position ourselves to a point - and then there is nothing more we can do but sit quietly in the twilight; waiting for the light to come. we can do nothing to speed the ascending salvation we need so badly. we can do nothing but fill ourselves with silent patience and the faith that our sun will come to save us from the cold.

And then the Sun Bursts over the Horizon. We feel Invigorated, as though we had Never been so close to freezing. We Forget the pain radiating through our Bodies as the cold night draws to a close and the Warmth of a New Day Bathes The Earth with Love and the Heat of Life.

A Whole New Perspective is in Play NOW. The problems of the cold night are an unpleasant memory, but seem Distant and Unreal NOW. The World is Filled with Colors. There is Music from the Birds and Squirrels, and things are so Different than they were just a Moment Ago. And the Priorities Change, and The Soul Changes, and the Person Changes - for Another Day; We Press Forward TOWARD ANOTHER NIGHT. Toward Another Night. toward another night. toward another night. toward another night

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