Saturday, December 27, 2008

where it's at

when do you feel lost and small?

where do you find quiet solice?

where do you find beauty?

where do you find peace and joy?

is there a right answer for everyone?

for anyone?

do you know your answers?

are they same today as they were yesterday?

somehow we keep moving forward toward the answers we believe in today; and maybe tomorrow. forward toward a desired experience, a desired person, a desired object, or a desired feeling. sometimes our ships find port. sometimes they don't. and yet we sail on. on through the questions and toward the answers of a new year.


Anonymous said...

The greatest truth I've evr come across is 'The key to happiness is having something to look forward to'. The mushroomed-up stoner pretty much said that very thing in the main post, talkin 'bout hope...I think.

Got new guns today. My little girl outshot the old man with her new pistol. Kinda sucks and is knda cool at the same time. the gun-control-is-being-able-to-hit-what-your-shooting-at hippie

choppe said...

I found beauty in cuttin the hell out of those ice covered branches.
Cool pics Lansen but the last one easily tops the others... You should be proud... What a sweetheart!
Merry Christmas

lansenm said...

thanks guys. hippie - you nailed it, hope....

hoppe, the babies are what it's all about, aren't they?

if i don't run into you, happy new year. this one is going to be better than the last.