Sunday, October 11, 2009

CX,Lawrence KS

Randy, Hoppe, Crook, Brad and I headed down to Lawrence to do a Cyclocross race. You know, we might be getting the hang of this a little bit. We changed our fat mtb knobbies to small tires and changed our gearing with helped out tremendously. Randy brought his cross bike, but its to large for him, which makes the dismounts a bitch..
The course was much better for us than Parkville as it actually had some hills to navigate...
Hoppy here dressed up for a F-ing blizzard!Hoppe actually brought out his trainer. Can't quite figure out if that was a joke or not..
Sure as hell will be one now!!! Relieving some pre race tension!!
Race underway, me on right with the red/black top, black pants..
Hoppe spoten his Shores Sports Jersey (on right), looks like he is movin over those obstacles.. Whatever they call them..
Randy (in black, 122) finishing up the obstacles..
With cat like agility!!
Hoppe going over the cow town obstacles, lookin like he has some spring in his legs still.
Hoppe looks like he has a battle goin on...
Me, same spot..
Hoppe finishing the race.. I think in 23 out of 51.. There were a bunch of fellas out there for this race.. Cat 4 by the way..
I have a lovely sprint at the end of my race, I could see this guy coming up on me I barely held on by inches...
Thus about making me toss my cookies... Seriously this Cross stuff is intense, and FUN as HELL!!
Randy Post Race!!
So we got three of us going to these things.. I think BradBob is next.. Anyone else who wants to go I am telling you they are fun... They do it by time, so we knew going into it that it was going to be a 30 min race...
BTW, I got a NICE pic of Randys pre race ritiual duce.. You would think he would learn!


choppe said...

Hmmmm.... could have swore the race was in Leavenworth
Definately fun though!

Anonymous said...

You all may not know where you are, but you sure lay it down when I get you there. Good race gents! Hippie

JDOUG said...

Levenworth! HA! Thats right.. I don't know what the hell I was thinking.. Too much lactic acid build up is bad for the brain I guess...

JDOUG said...

Chris Cross
Final Results
Brian Lasswell,4,43,Bicycle Shack Racing 1 132 Lee's Summit,MO
2 105 Andy Wiens,4,29,Unattached
3 140 Michael Ellis,4,24, Overland
4 108 Paul Basel,4,0,Unattached
5 106 Tom Bondurant,4,29,SKC
6 109 Michael Crouch,4,31,Tomato Head/Tennessee Valley Bikes Nashv
7 101 Jeffrey Lively,4,35,SKC
8 114 Tyler Schumacher,4,31,KCOI Boulevard
9 118 Ashley Blum,4,28,Cow Town
10 117 Mike Prentice,4,27,Black Sheep Cartel
11 116 Joseph Anderson,4,36,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas City
12 119 Adam Wagner,4,44,Blue River Bicycle Club Leawood,KS
13 129 Kyle Skinner,4,31,Unattached Peculiar,MO
14 128 Steve Vockrodt,4,27,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas City,
15 146 Adam Keck,4,29,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Leawood,KS
16 102 Jeffrey Haug,4,42,Unattached Leawood,KS
17 417 J P Brocket,3,36,SKC Racing Raytown,MO
18 135 Jeff Koehler,4,21,Unattached Manhattan,KS
19 107 Kent Baker,4,43,Bicycle Shack Racing Kansas City,MO
20 103 Matt O'Neil,4,27,SKC Racing Overland Park,KS
21 137 Joshua Keithly,4,33,BKB Kansas City,MO
22 125 Thomas Park,4,23,KSU Cycling Manhattan,KS
23 123 Craig Hoppe,4,0,Shores Sports St. Joseph,MO
24 120 Jon Riekenberg,4,0, Lenexa,KS
25 112 Mark Horn,4,36,KCBC Mission,KS
26 126 Steve Kirsch,4,40, Leawood,KS
27 127 Jason Douglas,4,32, St Joseph,mo
28 144 Rodney Bade,4,29,Unattached Maryville,MO
29 115 Mark Kern,4,39,KCOI Blvd Shawnee,KS
30 134 Jesse Ens,4,28,Unattached Lecompton,KS
31 138 Cliff Straub,4,30, Overland Park,ks
32 110 Robert Bowe,4,24,Unattached Manhattan,KS
33 141 Jamie Jeffries,4,40, Kansas City,mo
34 136 Zeke Shepherd,4,35,Evil Kansas City,MO
35 139 Andrew Schoen,4,35,Epic Cycling Team St. Joseph,MO
36 104 Jeremy Smith,4,39,Renaissance Cycling Bonner Springs,KS
37 413 Greg Booth,4,42,GP VeloTek Blue Springs,MO
38 133 Eric Lamb,4,24, ,
39 130 Philip Wilkerson,4,24,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas Cit
41 142 Casey Buta,4,23, Overland Park,ks
42 416 Chris Thomas,4,38,Team Black Sheep Cartel Kansas City,MO
43 122 Randy Tracy,4,44,Shores Sports Savannah,MO
44 113 Chad Vulgamott,4,30,KCOI Boulevard Gladstone,MO
45 124 Michael Pecina,4,33, Leavenworth,KS
46 145 Andrew Peak,4,22, Kansas City,MO
47 111 Steve Culver,4,35,Unattached Kansas City,MO
48 121 Richard Bowman,4,63,Cycle City Racing Kansas City,MO
49 131 Doug Bolton,4,33, Grand View,Mo
999 143 Aaron Stull,4,16,Epic Cycling Team Parkville,MO

Anonymous said...

Nice work fellas!

Jason, it was nice riding with you on Friday. Thanks for taking the time to show me around.

I went back on Saturday. It was even more fun the second time! You guys did such a fantastic job. I almost can't believe that St. Joe has a trail of that quality and it wouldn't even be there if it wasn't for the hard work of just a few individuals. You should be proud of yourselves!

Let me know if there's anything I can ever do to help.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!
Looks like fun!
Why is Jason about to hurl?
Why is Randy on the floor?

May be not so fun?

JDOUG said...

Owe its fun alright!!