Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Krug User Groups

Pat McCormick (816.244.9021) from the Northend Community Association contacted me this morning to apologize about the lack of coordination between user groups regarding construction of the new bridge along the switchbacks just north of the main park trail. He said he had his guys lower the hand rails for bar clearance. He offered to remove the bridge after their event if that's what the bikers want. He said all the trail work has helped them and he wants to work together in the future... even offered to help with fundraising and/or manpower if needed.

Pat would like to talk to Craig as soon as possible, so Craig, please contact him when you get a chance.

I'm trying to get the parks department to designate a single point of contact for all the park/trail user groups, so these types of miscommunications don't happen in the future. I'm afraid that up to this point, multiple parks staff have just been saying OK to whatever is presented to them... with no knowledge of what others are planning or already have underway.

Everyone please be patient and considerate of others as many people have a vested interest in Krug Park. Thanks


choppe said...

Thanks for the info Ed. I spoke with Pat today and I think everything should be fine with the Creepy Krug folks. Pat invited us to meet with him next week after 3pm if we had any concerns.
They will be using some of the upper sections of our trail for their props starting a week from this Friday and will be holding their events for three weekends (on Friday and Saturday nights)

Anonymous said...

Alright guys, I'm leaving for St. Joe tomorrow morning, for real this time, rain or shine. The weather looks like it could be bad tomorrow but Friday and Saturday looks to be pretty nice. I think I'm going to hit Landal on Saturday. Any takers?

Craig has my number. Feel free to call. I just dint want to publish it on a public board.


P.S. Don't let Jason fool you. My new bike is cool, even if it does have gears;)