Friday, November 13, 2009

CX, Levenworth, Nov 15th

Should be an interesting one..... My mangyna is already hurting....


JDOUG said...


"Key features: Mount De Stad should be a run-up for all except those with billy goat genes. The exit of Roger's Revenge has a nice little off-camber section on the climb back up. Those that can ride it will be at a great advantage. Butt'r Alley along the pond could be muddy if it rains. Bring the big chainring for the cobble road sections. Cow Town barriers will be in place right before the finish line stretch. Spiral of Despair moves to a new location with a faster approach. One to three dismounts depending on your ability level."

choppe said...

Saw the map earlier in the week on some guys blog but did not see the course comments.
Looks tough... perfect for us mountain biker types... Hopefully!


Yes, I think it will be good to have gears! Looks like lots of fun.
I just hope the rain holds off until after noon on Sunday