Sunday, November 1, 2009

Platte City CX Pics

Here's some pics from Boss Cross 3 in Platte City
Course was fun but difficult by CX standards with a pretty fair amount of climbing, soft ground and few muddy spots to navigate.
The cat 4 35 plus race was early so I did that one while Randy, Nate, David and Brad did the regular cat 4 so I was able to get these pics. Nate had some early race chain problems and DNF'd so unfortunately I did'nt get any pics of him

Cameron Chambers showing the open class how to ride a single speed

Cameron and JP checking out the Joetown recruits during the Cat 4 race

Brad and David battling it out on the climb

Randy navigating the off camber stuff

Brad dismounting for the barriers

David doin his thing thru the barriers

Randy steppin it up

Brad transitioning back to the pavement

Ditto for David

....and Randy

Brad powering through the climb... same for David and Randy in the next ones

Brad approaching the off camber section

The dynamic dual just out for a typical Saturday ride!

Randy tracking down Brad, David in the background

Randy through the barriers

Brad through the same section

.....and David

Brad with Randy in the background

David leading the out the Joetown boys early

Randy shouldering his bike, actually passed the dude in front
of him on foot... Pretty impressive from my perspective

Start of the Cat 4 Race
Great racing guys, hopefully we can get a good group out for the races next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey all! That was a TOUGH freakin course on Sat. a.m.! When I saw 5 to go in my race, I thought no freakin way!! You guys are doing great, toeing the line is half the battle, the series points add up and reward you for your efforts...I am sitting in 7th for the 35 plus Boss Cross Series, Hoppe is leading his cat. 4 35 plus group with one race in that series to go on Dec. 5th, you all need to be at that race to cheer on Craig as series champ! Sorry I missed you today Randy, spent some QT with the family and then raced the 3/4's. I loved that course today! Took a different approach and finished 8th. I think I made a break through in my fitness today and looking forward to racing next weekend! Hope to see you all out on Sat. night or Sunday in Leavenworth, KS. The Leavenworth course will be awesome I am sure!



JDOUG said...

Great job you guys! Except for Hoppe that is... You can do better!! HA!

JDOUG said...

Wait a sec... Where the F are your halloween costumes???? WTF!!! Thats some weak a$$ S*&T!!!!!!!!

choppe said...

I guess the fact that we showed up does'nt count for much??? Jason???

JDOUG said...

F**K no it dosen't!

choppe said...

Notice there was no pics of me?
I was the mountain biker dressed as a road biker doing a cyclocross race... Hey, it's Halloween everyday for me!

JDOUG said...

I like that!

choppe said...

In the first pic of Cameron I just wanted to add that not only is he riding a single speed in the open class but I'm fairly certain it's a fixie and I think he still beat half the field!

JDOUG said...

I read it is a fixie, he is also now sponsord by Specialized for mtb... Crazy good...
We need him to get a timed lap in at Krug, see how bad we suck...

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Cameron is wicked good! He is also one of the coolest pro's you could ever meet and extremly humble! I will get him up to Krug this Winter for sure...JP