Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shipman in da house

After finishing doing some laps with my two boys, we met John & Jeff Shipman. They are fairly new in town and going to school at MWSU. They are young and already accomplished cyclists. They expressed interest in mtb with others and also helping out with trail maint/building. Below is their contact info... so make them feel at home boys.
PS... hope you guys had fun at the CX race today.


Tenacious T said...

Ooops... forgot their contact info:
Cell: 816-812-1868

PS, Rusty and I did most of the new Krug trails this week and they are very nice!

PPS, If you guys want to crank it up a notch with your MTB & CX Racing, you guys should show up for some fast group road rides next year... it's a great work out that complements the other cycling disciplines. Just ask the Shipman Brothers whom have been on National Cycling Teams.

choppe said...

Pretty sure I met John at the CX race at Platte Ridge Park. Blew by me on his single speed and said to me "your bike sucks" at which I had to laugh as my Bianchi has that very same logo on the chain stay! Anyway, talked to him a little bit after the race... Nice guy... Good rider! Hope to see you guys out on the trails.