Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lansen Chronicles

Lansen calls me on New Year's Day and wants to go XC skiing. We load up and he asks if my good ole boy 4x4 is up to the task of a side road by his house thats a little drifted in. I had just put on new tires and answered to the affirmative. The road has a high crown and were doing great till I slide off said crown and bury it in the freakin ditch. The snow is so deep on the passenger side Lansen has to crawl out my side to just get out. We gear up to make the mile and a quarter trek back to his house for shovels and his Subaru Outback when i discover that I left my ski boots in my garage. I hoofed it back while he skied...great fun! Lansen inherited 2 grain shovels when he bought his has last year so we were set. We get back to the stuck truck and my shovels' handle snaps on the 4th scoop. It was all fun till then. We took turns digging around and under the Tundra for a hour and a half. We hooked the Suby to the truck with an industrial strength tow rope and got the truck back about 20 feet but not out of the ditch. I could then just get the front end to come out for a bit, then it would slide back in because of the angle and the slick snow. I about had it out once when the whole front end slid back in the ditch in some fresh, unshoveled snow...well crap! Crap was not my exact word but, as this is a family site, crap is gonna have to work. I was just getting dark when we got done shovelling the 2nd time. We hooked the car back up and got it out. Plenty of exercise, but not the kind we went lookin for. Below is the bitch of a ditch and the little grocery getter that did all the work. the hippie.


Lansen said...

And the best part.......? The grocery getter probably backed up, turned around, backed up turned around, etc, etc 10 times on the same section of road that took down the monster truck. Oh the Outy is a badass, don't let that 200,000 miles fool you!



Anonymous said...

Remind you of an arrowhead hunting trip long ago?