Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been Some Time

I haven't posted for like..... ever.... Bout since the last time I rode my bike. Sorry guys.

Anyway - I know the Hippie has a good post. It's just waiting out there for us. It even has some pictures; some good pictures. I'd really like to know how that post would go, if it actually showed up on here. It was an afternoon to remember.

There was snow.... There was a truck.... There was a shovel, and a half.... There was some pride.... and There was a little "grocery-getter-station-wagon".

Remember Hippie????


Anonymous said...

I gotta throw those pics on here from the New Years' Day Debacle. My mangina still has a bluish tinge on it! What a day. hippie

jamesb said...

Nice to know Lansen gets people into situations wherever he is! Anytime I do something extreme; I think back to something that has transpired with lansen..

JDOUG said...

The prodigal son returns!!


Still waiting on those pictures and the "real" story!