Sunday, March 28, 2010

It looks dry up ahead...Yeah Right!

Criag and I are gravel roading it up by Fillmore and have to go across some bottom land by the Nodaway River. We can either go across the bottom or backtrack a few miles. We could see the road was wet and not yet driven on. Craig takes off and is actually making progress. I made NO progress, what with my vee brakes and no clearence. I CARRY my bike to Craig and he says he thinks it looks drier ahead. Holy Crap! That stuff was straight up freaking Gumbo...the stickiest stuff this side of Hell! We had to hoof it across that bottom and then clean the bikes on the other side with sticks. All in all, a helluva way to blow an hour. The hippie


choppe said...

More like a helluva way to blow 6.5 hours! Maybe all that mud was our payback for not making Bone Bender last year? Still, other than that muddy section, that was a pretty damned good ride!

JDOUG said...

Waaah, I got to ride out in sunny weather for 6 hours... Dont' want to hear it!!

Looks like perfect traning for bone bender from what I hear!

Weather looks beautiful for this week! If we are lucky the trails will be dry by tomorrow....

JDOUG said...

Fellas, its dry out there, so get out while the gettins good!!!

Back side of Girlscout is muddy like usual, but thats about it..