Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its been a while..

OK, I have been lazy on the posts. Been riding plenty though.. Met up with the Hippy last Sunday and did another gravel grinder. 4 hours plus!! legs were pretty beat up after that..

The weekend before last we got a nice road ride in. had a pretty good group, Randy, Crook, Thad and a friend of his. Got some good miles in plus my favorate hill climbs in town. Huntoon, 2nd Street, Broadway and that one in the south end, can't remember the name.. Brooklyn or something like that...
Anyway, after the main ride we were racing back to the cars and decided to take the river trail back. I was trying to beat eveyone back to the car, took a corner wide and when jumping back onto the pavement, boom, endo into the sidewalk!!!

Did not hurt anything, more importantly did not hurt the bike!

On another note, got my mtb up and running, can't wait for the single track to dry!
Came over to the bike build and see this monstrosity on a jet ski in 25 degree weather!!!

But more importantly! Got a new Kona Unit SS frame and a Stans wheelset ready to go! Nice to have a mtb under 30lbs for once!!!


Anonymous said...

I've said it once if I've said it a hundred times! growth hormone 'problem' does not make me a monster! Freak o nature maybe. Monster no! Carnally unstoppable...definately! The hippie

JDOUG said...

Anyone getting out this eve??