Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get your TT Roadie on!

Just passin on the word in case any of you fools are wanting to do some cross training. Or whatever..

"Ladies & Gents, "Let's get ready to rumble!" Hope to see ya'll at the same

place as last couple of years... basically start from the gravel road
(County Rd 395) just on the other side of the train tracks east of Amazonia
baseball field on Hwy T... just east of Amazonia. If we get a lot of people
driving out there, the baseball field's parking lot is just about 1/4 mile
down & will work out nicely. I'm attaching the spreadsheet with the data
from past years in case your interested in those results... or better yet,
to help you figure out & set your own timing goal. I'm certain that those
of you whom trained with me during the winter months & have been riding
consistently will see a noticeable improvement from your times last year.
I'm definitely going to expect faster times from "Javier's Heroes". ;0)-
But seriously, remember that the whole reason for setting this up is simply
to give you another tool to get to or stay at whatever fitness level you
want... so come on out and have fun & feel good about doing your own thing!

Annette will input the info into the updated spreadsheet and we'll need
someone to help with the stopwatch & hopefully another to watch for any
vehicles at the turn around point near the train tracks."

ALSO!!! I am going to make a road trip down to Swope Park one of these weekends to get a look at their trails. KC Cup MTB race is going to be there Sept, 19th..
Looking at either this weekend or next...



I've got slicks on my hardtail, might have to try the TT.:)
or not.
I am up for a visit to Swope any time in the next few weeks, keep me posted.

JDOUG said...

Im leaning towards Sat the 4th. Leaving early, like 7;30/8 ish...

Who's with me? JSpell and???

choppe said...

Anyone up for this gig with our local road warriors?


With all the roadies in their "Team" kits, do you think that I will look funny riding a hardtail, wearing baggies and carring a camelbak? Not to mention going incredibly slow?

JDOUG said...

Something tells me that a SS cross bike wont cut it....

Tenacious T said...

In past years people of all ages, talents, & equipment have done this informal TT. Ratdaddy does it in baggies & with his hybrid mtb/cycle cross bike. And Yes Jason, you'd be surprised how well a SS cross bike would do. I only expect to see one person show up with a TT bike. Most of us will be in regular road gear/bikes. Heck, I plan to do it a second time on my 29er mtb following my 11 yr old.

So come on out!

Tenacious T said...
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Tenacious T said...

Hoppe, nice running into you last night. It's also been great getting to ride with David Crook on the Wednesday Club rides.

Open invite for anyone to come road ride with me and "Javier's Heroes" on Tuesday evenings. it's intended to be a more spirited group ride... with challenges & sprints to city limit signs, etc.


Jason, ya missed out on a good time! It hurt but was really fun!

JDOUG said...

Wish I went too...