Monday, November 1, 2010

Boss Cross #3

Boss Cross 3 was this weekend.. Could not make it myself so I have no race report for you.. Maybe Hoppe or Derek could post one...
Here are some post I have found from the race..

CKKC  (has video)

Looks like it was a great time! Pictures at Lanterne Rouge

Derek here representing in fine fashion!

 Spencer lookin like he is hurting a little.. CX is Short and fast buddy!
Hoppe looking like he is laying it down! Took 4th, WTF dude? flat tire? Ha! 



JDOUG said...

Anyone going to Lawerence this weekend?

Derrick said...

I am planning on being out on Sunday.

Derrick said...

Ok, So I didn't end up making it to this weekend's races in Lawrence. I will be at the CX Races in Leavenworth next weekend.

JDOUG said...

Its a fun course!