Monday, May 21, 2007

Conflicts against Riding

Didn't ride much last week, had some big days at work instead. Opted not to race this weekend either. Ate Junk food and drank a bunch of Beer instead. Road Krug on Sunday evening and it was great. Every thing except for the Bridge Trail is rideable. Looks like Randy has been out grooming trails and fixing bridges. Pretty fun.

Javier and Rusty are preparing to leave for their epic summer MTB Trip. Heres hoping they have a safe fun experience in Moab! I'll be staying here, checking out all the local trails on a couple days off. Might run up to Nebraska to cruise the Platte River State Park Trails on one of the days. Any one interested in joining me? Also have DD coming from Lincoln on Thursday to ride the local trails. That should be a good time.



3p0 said...

we don't even get to ride with DD up here,

havn't seen him all year...

lansenm said...

It's all the sweet trails, they bring out the best in all of us.

We are supposed to be getting rain on Thurs, hopefully it holds off...

You, or anyone else is welcome to join us CVO.