Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moab Trip

For all you know, this could be a picture of Javier in Moab this weekend. It's not, but for all you know it could be. Credit for the photo goes to this website

I haven't heard how the trip is going, but I can only assume it is going great.
Back here in joe town, the biking has been lame. It has rained every day. DD didn't make it down here on Thursday. And each time that I have had time to ride it has been thundering and shooting lightning bolts. Then, when I don't have time, the weather clears and it is beautiful.
The good part is, all this sitting in my garage watching rain has given me a chance to fix some nagging problems on my bikes. So, they should be ready to go for the next ride.
I also feel a little guilty, because i usually like to get out and do some trail work when it rains. Over this weekend when the rain kicked up, so did the wind. Quite a few trees have been coming down lately, and I really don't want to get crushed - so I haven't gotten any trail work done either.


jspell said...

I hear you! I rode about 1 lap yesterday morning before it rained and the trails started getting slick. I did cut some tree limbs by the corner of the tennis courts, but there is still one log down that will require a chainsaw. Maybe Monday will be better!

lansenm said...

I saw your handy work. Thanks, that tree was dangerous!