Wednesday, May 9, 2007

fast and furious

Jav and I ripped it up last night. Corby was in good shape with the exception of a big down tree near the pond and one soggy spot (see Jav going for a swim below).

There were a few washouts and down limbs that we had to fix, but that was to be expected after 7" + of rain and only 36 hours after the last rainfall. The trails were fast in 99.5% of the loop with only a couple soft spots.

The log crossing on one of the creek crossings had washed out, and I didn't see it before my front wheel had lodged in it. I went over the bars and into the drink. Only got my socks wet and muddy, not hurt, no bike damage, all good.

Ran into some new riders on the way in. We got them started on North loop. They seemed enthusiastic. Also ran across 2-3 groups of hikers. High traffic! That's good.

Javier was in rare form. Haven't seen him ride that hard since Crowder a couple months ago. Way to go dude, never could shake you! We need to ride like that every time.


Tenacious Tortoise said...

You really rocked... I was actually giving it 100% and still couldn't catch ya.
Seems you're really into the speed/racing thing this year... like I was last year... so keep it up!
I on the other hand will be taking it easier more often... so don't count on that type of pace from me. ;0)

Tenacious Tortoise said...

BTW... I'm pretty sure Lansen now holds the new speed record for the South Corby Loop (a 5 mile loop) at well under 20 minutes!.. I timed myself and finished it in shy of 23 minutes.
Way to go Lansen!