Thursday, May 10, 2007

Krug Tonight

I miss Krug. I will be riding Krug tonight. I intend to ride hard tonight. Come out and twist your legs off.

Should be in the parking lot at 6PM.


jspell said...

Watch out when you go to Krug, there are many bridges out! The bridges are either piled with brush, moved way out of place or missing completely. Several trails had standing water on them yesterday about noon!

lansenm said...

Okay, that sounds like it sucks. Corby it is then.


Tenacious Tortoise said...

I'm so glad you are riding strong... really think you should focus & peak your training for a particular race this year so you can totally spank it & win.
Even though tempting, I will not be riding like Tuesday every time... actually it will be the exception more than the rule for the time being.
I have changed my mtb riding focus completely from what you saw at Crowder SP in January. After Rusty and I split up from you... and slowing you down... we went slow, talked a lot, & took breaks... it was a different kind of fun that I want to do more of.
Don't worry, when ever I do feel like twisting my legs off... I'll make sure to let you know.