Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Ass-kicker

Winding up for the Laramie Enduro at the end of the month. Did two-furs today. 2-laps Corby South, 2-laps Corby North, 2-laps Girl Scout Camp, 2-laps Krug. I figure this was about 32 miles of trail at the end of the day. Bet I ate 250 spiders at Krug. Next time I'll get a picture of one of those little bastards, incase some of you don't know what I'm talking about.

Took along the GPS from Forces of Nature to get a map on some of the trails that haven't been mapped yet. Batteries died about half way through the journey, so I didn't have a solid read on what I had accomplished.

32 miles doesn't sound like much, but when you throw the single speed, rigid bike, and type of trail into it - I think it was a good training day. Total bike time was about 4 hours.

Ran into Lance on the parkway between trails, he was on his way to infect a youngster with mountain biking fever. Hope everything worked out on their ride.

Jim was going to race at Smithville Lake - how did that go man?


jspell said...

Didn't race, just wimped out. Had a couple of good rides at Corby, but nothing to hard. Any one know of an extra large (21-22 inch)frame for reasonable price? I need to set up my youngest son up a bike. He's about 6'4-5"

lansenm said...

I have a 2006 Cannondale Scalpel 20" that rides a little big. It has an 2002 headshok and rear Fox on it. I was going to put it on E-bay and ask a minimum of 450, but I would give it to you for 325. Not sure if that is reasonable, but 450 was about what the equivalent frame was going for with no front shock last time I checked.

jspell said...

Thanks, but I guess I should have said "cheap". My son says he wants to ride, but goes back and forth. He is scheduled for knee surgery next week, and "might" use a bike for rehab. I would like him to ride regularly, but he prefers soccer and basketball. And he starts college next month. Anyway, I have everything from my broken Gary Fisher, so I just need a cheap hardtail frame to build up without losing my butt if he doesn't ride.