Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heavy Use

Great night last night. Went out for a couple laps at Corby and found myself in a relative mtb traffic jam. Ran into John, who I had ridden with once or twice last summer. We did a lap South and North. Ran into Rusty, and did a partial lap with him. Saw some teenage types out on mountain bikes. They were walking the hills, but it's a start - and any start is a good start. Saw a guy on a nice Cannondale. Rusty talked to him and I forgot his name.

Also saw a couple hikers on the South loop.

Weather was great, trail conditions are very dry, but good, and people are friendly. It is fun to see the trails being used. Hats off to Randy, Shawn, Brian, Brad, Lance, Jim, Rusty, Javier, David, the Boyscout Troop, and all the others not listed who have worked so hard making these trails a reality. This trail system is really becoming something you can be proud of.

BTW, if I forgot someone - sound off in the comments.

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jspell said...

Anyone planning on going to the Smithville race Sunday?