Friday, July 20, 2007


Well I got into something nasty. Poison oak, poison sumak, poison ivy - don't know which, don't care. All I know is that I would like to cheese-grate myself to death. Uhhhggg.

Rode last night with Aaron (who is getting pretty darn fast), and Tyson who hasn't ridden much this year but is still riding well. Did 2.5 laps on the south side and 1 on the north at Corby. It was a good ride.

Will be doing sporadic riding this weekend, so if anyone wants company - give me a call.


aaron said...

Hey had a great time riding w/ everyone tuesday and thursday nights! Tons of fun! Anyone know of any good trails around Springfield, MO? I'm going to be down there for a conference next week for a few days.

tysonh said...

Just wanted to say "thanks" for showing me the actual loops at Corby and waiting for me while I rode my usual slow pace. To all of those who put in their time creating and maintaining the trails, "great job". I guess that means that I owe some elbow grease!
Nice meeting you Aaron.

rustbucket said...

It's good to hear that you guys have been enjoying the trails. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it out at all this week, but maybe I will over the weekend.

Aaron: There are some fun trails in the Springfield area. I lived there for a couple of years and that's where the mountain biking began for me. I would suggest checking out A&B Cycles. They have a cool shop in town; that's where I bought my first "real" MTB. They can give you directions to some of the best trails in the area. There may be new trails that I'm not aware of, but I think the closest trails are the Sac River trails just north of town on Hwy. 13. Also, check out for trail reviews.

rustbucket said...

Oooo...I've had my share of the itchies...and it's not fun. That's why I stick to the trails as much as possible and avoid the green stuff this time of year.