Friday, August 31, 2007

wooooo fast thursday

damn, this picture of rusty doesn't just look fast, he is going fast.

i barely had time to turn around and get this on the north bridge.

i couldn't get one of javier, he was right up my ass the entire ride. fast fast fast.

the first lap was all cool and smooth, barely broke a sweat; then we decided we wanted one more full lap before dark. bam, we were off. at first i was just going tempo, but every turn rusty and jav were about buzzing my wheel, so i started picking it up. pretty soon i was going race pace, and i don't think we were ever spaced more than about 15-20 feet. fast fast fast.

love it. love those rides. thanks guys!


rustbucket said...

Whew....that photo is a good example of how I was feeling after that ride. I think I was seeing double...

You guys blew me up big time. Don't think I've pushed myself that hard since the last race. My legs are sore today; it feels great. I'll be taking a couple of days off to let the muscles recuperate.

Looking forward to continuing the Tuesday/Thurs night rides. All of you come out and join us...

Anonymous said...

Any rides planned for Sunday or Monday??