Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesdays are Back!

Seems like everyone has been pretty busy with life this summer, but apparently schedules are starting to open up again. We had 6 riders last night! It was a good ride too, everyone was going pretty hard, especially on the North loop. Although it was an all out, full open, leg twister - I think everyone felt like they got a good deep breath or two. I know I was sweating pretty good.

Trails were in good condition. No major blockages, besides one reroute on the South trail. There is some small debri that needs to be kicked off on a hike, but nothing that will take you down if you are paying attention.

I'm thinking about Krug tonight. Any takers? Call if interested. 752-2025


Cornbread said...

Keep it up Lansen! More riders will come.

"If you don't have a scene, make one!" - Punk rock motto.

lansenm said...

thanks dude. we have a good group here. would love to have you come down and ride sometime this fall!