Monday, August 20, 2007

Weeks Off

It's not just updates that I haven't been doing. I haven't ridden or maintained trails either.

After painting the house, I went to New York for a whirlwind weekend. Got to drink some of the good stuff, and see some sights - but no riding.

Since I got back I have been working quite a bit. Pretty far behind still.

Did get a chance to ride Corby on Sunday. Spent most of the 2hrs cutting out downed trees and branches, and as far as I know - all trails are now clear. Looked like most of the trees and branches had been there since the last time I rode 2-3 weeks ago - even the small stuff. Com'on gang, at least kick off the small stuff - the wheel you save could be your own.

Hoping to get out a little this week, and will try to post here and there. Sorry for the lame post, and lamer pictures.

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jspell said...

Haven't been on the trails for 2 or 3 weeks. Working to much and riding to little. I did manage to sneak in a ride at Smithville. My first time there. Pretty fun place to ride but not much is real difficult. It would be worth a trip for a group ride. Hope to see everyone on the trails real soon!