Monday, June 7, 2010

Down and Dirty

Just like we like it, down and dirty!
Craig, Darrel and I got up at the crack of dawn (literally) to head down to Warsaw to race. Got there about 9ish, Darrel was doing the marathon class so we needed to get there early.
Craig and I did a pre lap and let me tell you, this course was about the exact opposite of Krug. Rocky and flat(ish). There were some climbs but none that wiped you out. The off camber rocky stuff gave me fits though. The rocks were not Landahl/Swope Park rocks but smaller like smithville, just tons of them. Corning was a little difficult since we are all used to hardpacked single track. I noticed that LOTS of people had flats they had to deal with. I have to say that switching over to tubless is the best decision I have made yet.
Lots of folks were going down also, talented riders too, I saw many with cuts on there legs from going down. Personally I was not going fast enough to lose control. Our very own, Mr. Hoppe managed to hit the same tree all three laps! You would think that earned him some points or something.
Craig kicked major ass like usual, took 3rd over all in the expert badd ass cat 1. And 1st for his age group.

I did not fare as well as the machine and took 3rd in the Cat 2. 30-39. Not happy with that, but it'll have to do..

I think Darrel had a good time, he has not raced in a long time. Brad had a good time too, he was sitting on his ass at home instead of racing that new bike of his. (yes this is the first official call out till you race!)

The more I ride other trail systems the more I realize how spoiled we are here. I love our trails!!!

The race was put on pretty well I would say, could have used some weedaters out there, but what can you do. They all can't have Trail Hippy's!


choppe said...

Good times dude but don't be so frickn hard on yourself... Those trails were definately not condusive to a rigid bike and you still managed a podium spot!
Darrel, I have to say that was impressive... Completing a 3 hr event and only having ridden a handful of times this year... that took a set to even attempt it let alone complete it!
I was a little nervous about racing with the experts as it has been a very long time since I've lined up with those guys but it all worked out... well all but that damned tree anyway!
Course was'nt groomed like we do it up here but still the trails were good and Mac put on a nice event. The tee shirt was sweet... we need those for our race next year (and some swag!)

choppe said...

Oh yah, almost forgot to mention Tony Sherman... He's the dude in the red RIM shirt that took second place. He came up to St. Joe before our race and I got take him and his buddy for a lap around Krug. He also did the Krug race.
Great job Tony!

Anonymous said...

It was a good time to get out there and experience the thrill and competitivness of racing once again. I'm already planning the next one! Once again thanks for letting me tag along.