Saturday, June 26, 2010


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Croc Rock NEW reschedule date. Augest 1st.
by Lyle Riedy on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:50 pm

Aug. 1st is NEW reschedule date for Croc. Rock. You can tell I am a school teacher.
Do it over and over until it is done right. Aug. 1st is pretty open on the calender,
It is a DRY month, it is 2 weeks before RIM giving both riders and promoters a chance to recharge. After the rain out last week I went out on the trail. It was muddy,even if we ran in the mud riders would have had to carry hand saws. Many small branches and 2 full size trees down over the course. All good again. See you all Aug. 1.


JDOUG said...

Too bad its not sooner. I am going through race withdraws!

Latest Trail report, Corby N. is clear. Girlsout and Brownie are clear. Krug (Racers: where you should be doing laps) Has 4 spots left than need a chainsaw. Just got of the phone with the hippy and he is clearing it out in the morning (sunday). And one bridge is out, which will take a little time....Still, its ridable.....

All of which made me think. Be scared I know.... I know we have some "newer" racers out there (Waterdoc boys). It is completly freggin awesome your going to toe up to the line!!!
Just a suggestion. Krug is a advantage we have over other riders. Ride Krug as much as you can, the hills will only make you a stronger rider. If you can climb out there, you will be able to climb anywhere around.

choppe said...

Trail work at Krug is finished... Bridge and all

Nicholas said...

Totally agree about the unique training that Krug offers. We are very fortunate and I appreciate all of the effort that went in to that place, it shows. It's just so BRUTAL. Every time I enjoy a portion of it it's only because an ass-kicking is just around the corner. Seriously though, we plan to ride it a bunch but it seems like I'm always taking even newer riders than myself out now and don't want to scare the S*#t out of them with Krug. And I want to really encourage new people so we can stop being the "new guys".

choppe said...

Yes I agree that Krug is a tougher trail to ride than the others but brutal it is not. Get the new guys started on Corby North and let them work their way up to GSC... but... you won't always be riding with the "new" guys so when you're not, take advantage of what we have at Krug.
Just so everyone knows, Krug is MUCH tamer than it used to be. It is completely rideable (forward that is) on a single speed which was exactly what we had in mind when we redesigned the trail. It's also twice as long as GSC so it's obviously going to take more effort. Just make yourself go ride it and before you know it the climbs will get easier and you will be faster!
The other trails are great but Krug is a jewel... Take advantage of it.