Friday, January 26, 2007

The Big White Lie

OK, so I headed out to Corby for some fun in the snow last night. The trails were in perfect condition for riding! (Hey, JSpell told me to lie).

Anywho, thought I'd try out the Flying Monkey to see if the fatter tires would get around any better. They didn't.

Hey, look Javier, I even used a fender...

I'm going to try to get out to Corby sometime Saturday for some trail work. Plan to bring some lumber to build a bridge across the rocky creek crossing.


lansenm said...

Wish I could join you tomorrow. Looks like I'll be working on Saturday. I thought I would have to work on Sunday too, but am not sure now. Maybe a dirt road ride???

Also, got word from Raleigh today. They will be sending a 20" frame to replace the 18" they accidentally sent. Seems like a good company, I would recommend the brand if asked.

Also, Also. Ran across a used hard tail that I thought I couldn't live without. So you will soon be seeing me on an On-One. Can't wait!

Doc A said...

I've been meaning to build that bridge for some time - let me know - I'll help ya.


rustbucket said...

I did get out to Corby on Sat. and got a good start on that bridge. Took some scrap lumber which I salvaged out of the outbuilding at home. Still need to finish the platform and do some dirt work.