Saturday, January 13, 2007

Crappy Weather

Not able to ride today myself, but hoping that the brave souls who are riding stay safe. I might take a bike with me to the trail work day tomorrow and ride a little after clearing the trails. Depends on the weather though. Haven't checked on the new trails lately, in fact the only outdoor time I have had lately is in the dark. I plan to get some pictures of the new emerging single track and will post them for your viewing pleasure.

Well, better get back to work....


jspell said...

Scary Sights!
I rode for about an hour this afternoon, really cold. Anything over 10 mph was almost paintful. After watching TV this morning and seeing ads for "Texas chainsaw massacare" I was a little freaked when I ran into a guy with a chainsaw in the woods! Luckily it was Rustbucket! He cut the down trees on existing trails, Thanks!
Hope to see everyone in the morning

lansenm said...

That would have been a good picture to post.