Sunday, January 21, 2007

Love the Snow!

No work today, and there was snow on the ground. So the dog and I went and checked out the conservation area by Jules and 32nd street. There were a number of people out hiking and sledding. All were having fun.

I wasn't sure I would be able to look down and see this site after moving here. Love the cross country skis!
Wednesday was pretty happy to be in the snow again. In fact, she was a little out of control for a while.

There were a series of trails that I did not even know existed. They are flat and open, looks like you could really rip on a bike. I think they are covered with crushed lime, so they might be a good in-town option when everything else is muddy.

Honestly, these were some of the best cross-country skiing trails I have skied. They were fast and the footing was even. I'm looking forward to checking out the trails when it is dry out.

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