Friday, January 12, 2007

Frozen Trails

Rode this morning with the dog before work. Corby trails were frozen and fast. Had a good time, but it was cold. Weather was starting to turn at about 6AM as I was leaving the parking lot, sleet and snow were begining. There is a dusting now.

The last couple days of wind has taken its toll on the Corby trails. There is one major down tree that is too big to move. Will probably try to cut it up on Sunday. Turns out I don't have to work, so I might make it out for part of the trail work day.


rustbucket said...

Yep, I saw that downed tree last night. Also, moved some smaller branches off the trail. Ended up getting back from Snow Creek early enough (and with full functionality of all body parts) to make it out for a ride. Temps. were near 50 when I left home and in the mid-30s when I finished riding. It was getting a little chilly for the shorts I started out in. Trails were in great shape (besides the downed timber). Kind of "tacky" which helped the tires dig in on the climbs.

I probably won't make it out on Sunday AM for trail work. May head out sometime Saturday instead.

jspell said...

Anyone going to ride Saturday? I plan to if the temp gets up "around" 20 degrees. Also, I
will try to make it out on Sunday for trail work.