Thursday, January 4, 2007

A night with R.O.U.S @ Corby

Rusty and I made it out to Corby.

Trail conditions: "Spongy"... per our in-house Geologist, Rusty... on the first section. The rest was pretty good. We both spun out a couple of times but didn't prevent either of us from riding up all the hills... maybe not every time but we each got lucky at least once.

We did the re-discovered sections that Lansen has already mentioned & that we cleaned up... it's really in pretty good shape. We also rode section out what winds around the big open field. Even the short little section between pond and west end of parking area that Lansen and I raked this Monday. So basically, we rode it all! It comes out to be just shy of 4 miles... 3.85 per my computer & did second lap in 35 minutes... how is that for an easy base line to beat. ;0) PS... that was Rusty's time & I'm not going to mention mine.

Shawn F., can you please mark the winding section out in the open field. We did our best to remember & ride it as originally layed out, but it's been so long since it's been riden. Once you mark it, we plan to make it part of the regular loop we'll do on group rides.

Everyone remember that this is the time of year to ride those newer sections so by spring, there will be a solid trail.

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