Saturday, March 17, 2007


Went to Crowder instead of racing today. Had a pretty good crew with 6 of us. Trail conditions were a little wet due to some morning snow. However, everything was rideable and we had a great time.

Hopefully everyone that went down and raced had a good time.
Randy and Lance were talking about doing some trail work tomorrow. I still need to put in some base miles. Planning a Dirt Road Ride starting at 9:00 from my house. Call if you want to go : 816-752-2025. Depending on weather, I will do the 25-30 mile loop then do a lap at Krug on the way home. If it is wet, I will probably skip the lap at Krug, but I plan to hit the dirt roads as long as conditions are not too bad. If weather is really bad, I will head out and do trail work.

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