Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Trilogy

Javier and I rode the STJ Trilogy today.

1 lap Corby

1 lap Krug

1 lap Sunbridge

Had a great time. It was tough, and I was out of water and pretty shot by the end of the day. I think we were just behind Jim, because I saw his tracks but we never caught him. Did run into Lance running at Krug.

Trails were tacky, not slick. They were a little soft, which made pedalling tough over the long run, but really all in all the trails were perfect.

The tree house at Krug has been cleared... Good job Randy and Lance.

All this after a few too many beers on Friday night. It only took me 24 hours to recover.

Also, got some cool pictures of my Dad hang gliding in San Diego last week. They are pretty sweet so I thought some might like looking at them.

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