Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sorry Javier

Was going to ride with Javier, but our training progress is not in the same place. When he was ready to go play at Landahl, I needed to put some gravel base miles behind me.

I got 3 hours on the bike and found a new loop for me. I ended up right by Krug, so if I had any energy left I could have done a lap - but I didn't.

I did however run into Jim, then we both about got ran over by a stupid hick in a big white truck. What an ass (the driver, not Jim). Jim had been out riding the parkway.

Talked to David today too. Sounds like the river trails are rideable are not muddy and tires do not leave tracks. Sounds like the Tuesday ride will be doable.

More about Tuesday - like an idiot I told everyone I could ride Tuesday. I knew full well that my daughter has a school concert but I guess I didn't put it together. Anyway, I won't be there Tuesday night, but I hope everyone else will be. I will be trying to get out Thursday though.

One more thing... This weekend coming up is the Spoke Pony Showdown in Independence, MO. Haven't decided if I will make the trek down there on Saturday or not. Sounds like a pretty good crew from Lincoln will be going, and at least a few from St. Joe.

Some of the other guys will be going to Crowder. Which also sounds cool. It's a good problem to have, but what to do, what to do?????


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3p0 said...

common buddy,

havn't seen you in months.

time to get on down to Landal for a fun day of bike racin...