Monday, March 5, 2007

Mud Sucks

Tried to go for a ride at Krug Sunday, but it was too muddy. Only made it about 15 minutes going down the hill. Slogged back up to the car and spent the rest of the day cleaning the bike and the dog. Ran into Adam and my neighbor Bob. Good to see them.

Adam was talking about some pretty cool trails at an old quarry. I would like to check those out sometime. Would anybody be willing to give me a tour next weekend?


rustbucket said...

Good times in the mud! I can't wait for the trails to dry out so I can get out and ride. Haven't even touched the bike in awhile. I've been to the old quarry between Sunbridge and Camp Geiger; not sure if that's the one Adam was telling you about. I don't know it all that well, and not sure what access issues there are, but would be willing to give it a whirl.

Doc A said...

Yeah I used to ride quite a bit on motorcycles in the rock quarry area - I do remember so pretty cool trails, but hey that was 25 years ago, so who knows. There are also some quarry type places in Sunbridge as well. Also 2 mines that I know of, one is flooded and makes a most excellent rafting trip! We should ask permission from BSA to ride in the quarry area - I think Shawn should be a good contact for us.