Friday, March 30, 2007

Soft Stuff

Did two laps at Corby Pond with Wednesday. Ran into Spellman on the second lap and we decided to ride the North Corby Section. It was really soft and hard going, but we think it will pack in quick if people start riding it. There is a short section that still needs to be trimmed, and I swear I'll get out there when I get a few minutes, but I haven't run across those minutes yet.

I think Wednesday lost consciousness for awhile - she was pretty zapped. The vet says she is getting a little heavy - maybe it's time to shed some winter pounds hey dog?

By-the way. The car turned over 170,000 miles on the way to Corby. I know, what am I doing driving to trails that are like 3 miles from my house? Well, Wednesday was coming with, and having her run on the roads kind of sucks.

Trails were great conditions yesterday. I was working on my bike today, and it was raining - so I don't know what the trails look like right now. I bet they are in good shape though. If it's not raining tomorrow, I'm planning to swing over to Krug for some good riding.


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