Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Race Trainin'

Got this idea from Jason's comments (see below). I was thinking that it would be helpful to anyone on here who is thinking about racing for the first time. There are several of you who will be racing at some point this year or who have raced sometime in the past. Please share your training tips, racing stories, or anything else that may be inspirational and beneficial for anyone preparing for the upcoming season.

I remember my first race well, and here is TIP #1: always wear some type of eye protection. My first race was on a very rainy/sloppy day in the Springfield area. You'd think that it would be common sense to wear glasses, especially on a muddy course, but it didn't occur to me. By the time the race was done, my eyes were full of grit. But I can honestly say that I had a blast; met a lot of new people; and just enjoyed the atmosphere. So come on everyone, share your experiences...


jspell said...

Training? Why didn't somebody tell me your supposed to train? For the last 15 years I just rode! Maybe that's why I'm so slow.

Jason, If you want to get faster, just try to hang with Lansen and Rusty about twice a week and it will just happen.

I guess I should start training now, since I haven't been on my bike for 3+ weeks!

jdoug_jt said...

Thats what I am trying to do!!
I have not came close yet, Thats why I need help, nothing but McDonalds and beer for those two..

Lansen, so your talking about running intervoles, not riding...
All I know is I need to get started...
I have a lot of catching up to do..

lansenm said...

Nooo, No, No. Riding intervals. Running is great, but it won't necessarily help you on the bike unless you get really sophisticated in your training. The interval workout in the previous post was for riding, usually on a road bike, but a mountain bike is the same difference.

Running during the season can work against you in my opinion. However, in the off season I think it helps. Again, just more opinions. When you start training for a race (about 6 weeks from the date) you should be focusing on the bike with easy days, hard days, interval days, and long tempo days. Right now you should be cross training and/or putting on base miles. Since you don't have years of base in your legs base miles are the best thing you can do (several hour long easy rides that just create muscle memory). Don't worry though, getting race ready doesn't take as long as you would think.

jdoug_jt said...

Thanks Lansen, I appriciate the help..

I am ready to get on the bike, running absolutly bores the heck out of me anyway..

How many hard days a week to you plan? Or is the intervol days the hard days?

lansenm said...

Monday easy easy
Tuesday Hard Effort (not quite race pace)
Wednesday rest - no bike
Thursday Intervals
Friday rest - no bike
Saturday race
Sunday long easy

If I race Sunday, I just ride short on Saturday with a couple short 80-90% intervals.

Not for everyone, but races when I have a week like this before, I generally do pretty well.