Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow Riding - Trail Work

Snow Riding
Hit Corby Norte with Jason this AM. Pretty tough going, but we did two laps anyway. Didn't venture onto the South side, don't think it would have been very rideable with the snow at that point. We cruised the Parkway over to Krug, rode the parkinglot loop, then headed home. Nice ride - about 2.5 hours. Things were just starting to get sloppy with temps rising to about 48F at 11:10 when I got home.

Having some problems with either my phone or my email. I have a bunch of pictures that I have been wanting to post, but can't seem to get them sent... Don't have a clue why, except maybe that my phone is completely worn out and needs to be chucked in the river. 5 more months till contract renewal... Hope it lasts.

Trail Work
We'll be meeting at Corby South to get things wrapped up there at 8:30 AM tomorrow. Be good to see anyone that can make it. Right now we have 2 chainsaws for sure, maybe 3.

Corby should only take about 30 min, then we'll head over to the GSC trail to get the old lower section re-cleared. No-one has been down there since ice storm and there are no reports on how bad (or good) it is. If things wrap up quick there, I guess we'll move on to Krug. Randy has cleared a section to where the tree house was, but I don't think any one has touched the connector trails, or anything beyond that. I plan to call the parks dept next week to see if they can help us out. I'm betting that they have other priorities right now - but there is a chance.

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