Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ski'n w/ Randy

Been off line for a little while. Pretty much been somewhere between busy and lazy.

Have skied a couple times since the snow fell. Once at Snow Creek (my knees and head still hurt), once on the parkway, and a couple times at Honey Creek. Honey creek is awesome for cross country skiing, and it is just awesome period. We saw a flock of turkeys today, which was pretty cool.

Snow was really good for skiing a couple days ago. It's cold now, so it is a little slow compared to when the temp is in the high 20's. We had a great time and ended up doing somewhere around 6-8 miles today. I did about 12-14 miles a couple days ago. Anyway, it was a great way to start of the new year.

By the way, happy new year!


jb said...

I logged into SJMB wondering, Lansen, where are the skiing pics? And look what happened to be there. Still have yet to buy some of those things, but you may convince me yet.

Happy New Year Lansen.

jdoug_jt said...

Fellas, who is planning on racing this spring/summer?

I checked out Hearland Race Series and the fist one is March 2.. That is going to be here before you know it..

I am thinking about doing it, but I need help...

How do you suggest I get in shape for this?

Any suggestions would be appriciated..


rustbucket said...


You should definitely try racing at least once to see what it's all about. The Heartland Series is fun; the atmosphere at the races is usually really good. I plan on doing the races again this year, especially since it is coming through St. Joe.

As far as getting in shape (whatever that is...), we need to be riding, and riding, and riding some more. It's really hard this time of year, with all the snow and cold temps. You could use an indoor trainer; I'm just not that ambitious. Hopefully, we can start up some regular riding soon. Just don't let your fear of being out of shape keep you from racing; most of the people out there aren't really in great shape for that first race of the season anyway...

lansenm said...


Thanks for checking in. Been skiing a little, and will continue as long as the snow hangs around. Then its back to the two wheeled terror.

Take care brother!


lansenm said...


As soon as the snow becomes un-ski-able, I will be back on the bike. What I like to do this time of year is get in some verrrry looong dirt road rides. For one, this type of ride is great base miles that can not be replicated on trails. For two, its fun and you get to see some country that would never have reason to see otherwise. For three, there is just not enough reason or chance to get excruciating frostbite in this day and age - so you have to put yourself in ridiculous situations that present un-necessary danger. Assuming the temps warm up and the snow pulls back a little, I will be looking for a dirt ride this weekend. I'll call you.

As we get a little further into it (about a month from race day), I will start doing flat ground and hill intervals. Intervals are really important because they shock your body into getting tougher, faster, and using its energy more efficiently. Everyone does intervals differently, and everyone thinks theirs is the best way to do it, but as long as you are having fun, and it works for you it doesn't really matter.

Of course none of this applies to Rusty, who just seems to show up and kick ass regardless of what he has been up to for the previous month.

You should absolutely race though. You will like it, I guarantee!

jb said...

Jason--I haven't met you yet, but you have a great resource in Lansen. He has a knack for hurting himself--mostly in the athletic sense--and he is great to ride with to get you into racing shape!

Dave and I need to come ride with you (Lansen) this spring. The trail work you are doing looks phenomenal.

Good to hear back from ya!


jdoug_jt said...

Thanks fellas, I am ready to get started... I am sure that its going to be painful..

I am about 95% sure I am going to do it... Why not, you know...

Lanson, what do you mean by intervols? Just going up and down hills?
I was thinking about hitting up MWSU's statum stairs once a week..
"Thinking" is the key word there..

I just know that if I get out with you guys, I will push myself harder than I would by myself..

I want to try and keep up with you guys at somepoint.. So would the two of you mind drinking Bud heavy and eating nothing but fried foods for a month or two?

lansenm said...

I'm working on the drinking thing. Randy was kind enough to comment that I looked like I have put on a few. I'm on the Jan Ulrich training plan this winter.

Intervals - Some people are extremely scientific about this. I'm not - so there are better ways to do this, make no mistake. I like to find a piece of very flat ground, then identify several land marks at approximately equidistant spacing and a predetermined starting location. Then, I start with the longest distance cruising up to the starting land mark and exploding to a dead sprint that I can maintain for the entire distance (about 2 blocks at 90% output). Then, soft pedal for about another 2-4 blocks back to the starting line - I will just be recovering as I reach the starting point again. Explode again and go slightly less distance (about 1.5 blocks) at a higher intensity. cruise back and be ready to sprint again right as you recover. You should be starting the next sprint right as you are getting your breath back. Start your next sprint (about 1 block) at close to full power output (like 95-98%). Now you should be dizzy as you cruise back to the starting line. Forth sprint shouldn't be very far (like 1/2 block) but it should be with absolutely everything you have. When you get done; throw up on your shoes, or the guy that just beat you in the last sprint; take a few laps to cool down; then do it again.

If you do a couple sets of these every week, you have no choice but to get faster.

Coupled with long, tempo, base mile rides you will be able to have repeated explosive power, with shorter recovery periods, and less puking during the races.

Practising hills is a good way to remember that climbing is all about finding a rythm. It is pretty individual. I like to go to Hiland Ave on my road bike, or Monkey Mountain on the mountain bike and just climb with a tempo. When its right, it should feel like you can do it all day long, but also like you can drop anyone that is on your tail (which may or may not be reality - but this sport is all about internal monologue anyway). Dirt road rides are good for this because they are just hill after hill after hill. Sometimes there are mean dogs at the top of the hill so you have to have enough at the top to out run them, or scare the shit out of them (ask Jav or Rusty). Anyway - its all good training.

(Note: if you don't feel like puking during the race, you didn't drink enough beer the night before and you may be disqualified for utilizing an unfair advantage - unless you are road racing, then people expect you to be on your game)