Saturday, January 5, 2008

Whooo... I'm Whipped

After a long day of trail work - the GSC upper trail section is once again clear, at least to the point we had cut before the storm. We have still not touched either part of the lower section, but we think it is a one morning deal. Great turn out - 4 chain saws and 2 chuckers over the course of the day. I think we probably bladed through 3 miles of trail today, give or take. Thanks guys (Randy, Dave, Brad, Jim, Jason).

Spent some good time on the trails Friday. Last day of skiing for awhile. Honey creek was in good shape and the snow was fast. So fast in fact that I did not do some of the hilly sections.
Lovin' it!

One pole skiing - sucks when you drop a pole...

Gettin' dark, time to head in...

Even the Escort looks good with the right back drop - what you don't see is me cussing and kicking when it was stuck right after the picture was snapped. Piece of crap...

Maybe ride tomorrow???? Need to see how wet things are.... Probably would set out around 10AM. Post if interested. It's not a for sure thing for me yet.

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