Sunday, April 27, 2008

All that Preparation....

For nothing.

I was ready to race today. Had myself in a winning mood by watching the Royals whip the Jays last night.

Stayed up too late, but what's racing a single speed with out a little sleep depravation?

Hydrated all night long - although I don't feel very hydrated right now... Feels about right for racing a single speed.

It rained all night long. I guess even after all that preparation, it just wasn't meant to be.

You know, it's kind of funny. In the dead of winter while cross country skiing with Big Randy, we ran into Jav while he was out snow shoeing. He was telling us about his plan to whoop my ass this year, and he had already figured it all out. He was going to come out swinging at the "first race of the year", and be the fastest guy in town. I said sounds good, but Corby isn't even close to being the first race of the year. Jav says "It will be, the others will be cancelled or postponed, I guarantee it". I thought it was a reasonable scenario, but not very likely that all the races up to Corby would be cancelled. Now... Here we are - the prophecy has come to pass. Corby will be the first race, and since you can ride that course in the rain and not hardly get dirty, I think it will go. Jav is strong, fast, and ready to serve it up.

Well - think I'll ride the STJ trails today. We know they drain. Start on Corby at around 9:30AM. Probably wrap that up and head over to GSC. Assuming that looks good we'll wrap that up and cruise over to the River. Should be a good day.

You know - when the whole midwest is under water, all you out of towners are welcome to come ride our sweet, drainable trails. Any time....

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Tenacious Tortoise said...

Yes, I'm still confident Corby race will happen... and I'll have my fenders ready just in case. ;0)
I also hope that we have a huge turn out... the more participants the better.