Friday, April 25, 2008

Perry Race Update for Sunday!!

Geared up to 33x18 last night, looks like it was not in-vane. Not feeling super strong or windy, but should be able to finish with some self respect.

See below for the race update from the Heartland guys...

Perry Lake Crocodile Rock,
Sunday April 27th

The latest dirt on course conditions:Lyle Riedy, the race director for this Sunday's 7th Annual Crocodile Rock , just informed us that the course is in great shape. Tacky with just a few small wet spots. Looks like moisture the past several days missed the trails.IMPORTANT info for racers travel west on I-70 from KC:There is an IRL race this Sunday at the Kansas Speedway. Please allow for extra travel time to Crocodile Rock due to the increased traffic heading to the speedway.

All the details on the 7th Annual Crocodile Rock, can be here:

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jdoug_jt said...

Don't worry fellas, I will fill him up with budweiser and Marlbros, we might be able to slow him down a little..