Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Big Day

We had a big day of riding. Corby South, Corby North, Brownie Trail, GSC, part of Krug, and Sunbridge.
After finishing Corby South we stopped at Rusty's car and dumped some clothes. It warmed up nicely.
Stopped at the end of Corby North and cleaned up that mud hole. Looks good now.
At GSC we cleaned up a bunch of the wet spots. We also re-routed one of the worst sections. Randy and I pulled out the hand saws and let loose. Rusty helped too, although we weren't sure what he was doing at the time (see photo).....

Sunbridge was beautiful! This picture does nothing for what the view actually was, but it was near perfection.

Back at Corby to get our clothes out of Rusty's car and guzzle a diet Mountain Dew.

Great day - Thanks guys!

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Good article in the paper today...